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Cornerstone Asset Management was formed in 2006 to assist individuals and small businesses.  Cornerstone Asset Management provides proactive assistance and coordination of the following elements:
  • Investment Management and Counseling
  • Accounting Services for Home and Business
  • Tax Planning and Tax Preparation
  • Estate and Gift Planning
  • Legal Counseling
  • Risk Management and Insurance Counseling
  • Special Services Custom Tailored to Your Needs
As independent advisors, we plan and oversee a coordinated approach to managing your personal wealth.  We can work with your current service providers, or we can help you find the right service providers for your financial situation.  Cornerstone does not sell products or earn commissions on product sales.  As unbiased advisors, we can oversee the integration of investments, taxes, banking, accounting, estate and charitable planning, and other considerations unique to your family and to your business.  We provide a coordinated solution to your asset management needs.  No two businesses are alike.  The same is true of our solutions.